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When you decide to sell your St Augustine home, it is a natural process to deliberate the timing,  develop a plan where to move after the sale, and eventually reach a point where you are finally ready to hire a Realtor to list it.  When you arrive at this crucial point, consider the following facts before you decide to get involved, or allow the professional handle the details of the sale.

Overpricing is Futile

One of the biggest deceptions a seller will fall into is believing that the last appraisal they received during the re-financing of their home is what their house is worth.  Mortgage representatives excel in their positions, and obtain necessary documents to take care of their clients

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Closing Costs are those pesky things that you do not always think about up front when looking for a home or even selling one.  Part of understanding closing costs and how they are determined has to do with governmental taxes, fees for recording of the new deed, fees for the title search to verify that the seller has clear title to sell.  Others may be ‘discount points’ for your loan.  In any case, getting an estimate at the beginning of the process is the best you can hope for. Often times, although a trained professional can perform a close estimation process, even your realtor will not know the exact bottom line until the paper is ready to sign and you have to put the money on the table.

Closing Costs for the Seller

Easy. They take the closing costs

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All over the country, building costs are rising. Shortage of wood and other construction materials after Hurricane Katrina have affected building costs nationwide, and Jacksonville real estate is no exception. Estimating costs correctly becomes even more important when overall costs are high, because limiting waste will limit cost.

Square Footage

In general, the larger the square footage, the higher the costs. Note, though, that larger buildings cost more, but they cost less per square foot than smaller buildings. When determining square footage, include everything inside the main walls, porches, and walled additions.


Each part of the house is assigned a “class”, from low to high. The class designation depends on the building

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Title insurance is an insurance policy to cover any losses if it turns out the seller of a property you purchased did not have clear title to do the selling.  Yes, indeed you did buy title insurance - but typically only for your lender.  You have to request and purchase a separate policy for yourself as the new homeowner.

Why Didn’t My Lender Tell Me?

It may have been stated in the loan forms that you were to read, but like much of the ‘boiler plate’ terms of a loan contract some of it just washes over the reader.  It is a lot of information to deal with, and often the buyer skims rather than reads in detail.

Shouldn’t My Realtor Have Told Me?

Yes, and no.  Homeowner title insurance is a voluntary item, even if it is a good idea.  It is

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remodel_your_home_to_re-new_value_and_style_328Flip the channel on your television and you will see multiple shows on remodeling, everything from DIY projects to professional designers and even contractors.  Most people have seen several ideas that have sparked the urge to investigate remodeling for themselves.

But Where To Begin….?

Have a look around your home and decide on one project that you want to do from start to finish.  If you are thinking in terms of resale value, then the bathrooms and kitchen are your best features for a remodel.  The return on resale is approximately double the cost of the remodel.

Talk to the local suppliers of materials in Jacksonville homes and start to think about whether this is a job you want to do on your own (if you really are handy) or if it would be

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…….especially when one of you will need a new home now! Maybe it is time for a fresh start and a relocation is in order. They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder. Where do you start if its time for a relocation?

Your Job

Will your job transfer? Many companies have offices all across the country. If you like your job and the company, your first stop will be Human Resources, to see what may be available in other areas. Polish up your resume, and begin some serious networking. Make an appointment in HR, and get started!

If your company does not have offices anywhere you want to go, begin your job hunt. Post your resume online, using online services like Monster.com or Hotjobs. Utilize online newspapers to check the Want Ads in locations

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It may be time, for a variety of reasons or circumstance, to change your living arrangements and go from a large home to a smaller one.  A daunting challenge on a good day, and there are many things to consider.  Think about the furniture you have, and what to keep, what to sell or give.

If you have a large extended family, sending some of your collected treasures on to them makes part of this process much easier.  For the rest, especially if you have large collections of specific things you may want to talk with an estate auction service. 

Estate Auction – Not Just For Foreclosure or Heirs

Estate Auction services have people who specialize in valuing and offering your valuables for sale to a good market.  There is no reason the handmade

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