October 2012

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As a first-time home buyer, your real estate agent likely recommended a home inspection contingency with your offer. But what exactly is a home inspection and what rights does it afford you in the home buying process?

Here is a list of your top home inspection questions answered so you can better understand the process of a home inspection – and why it’s so important for home buyers:

Q: What does a home inspection include?

A comprehensive home inspection includes a visual examination of the home’s major systems and structure. This includes the home’s roof, foundation, heating and cooling system, doors and windows, plumbing, insulation, and drainage. It is important to remember that a home inspection includes only what a home inspector can…
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If you really want your marsh landing real estate open house to be a show stopper so you can get your home sold for the best price, you need to prepare ahead of time. In short, there are a few things that will benefit you to take care of so your open house will be the talk of the town:

Clean your home

Sure, this sounds quite obvious. But we mean really clean your home. If you don’t have the time or energy to put into a thorough cleaning, call in cleaning professionals to take care of it – the money spent will almost always be worth it. A really clean home will have clean windows (inside and out), sparkling appliances (inside and out), gleaming countertops, shiny hardwood floors, and freshly polished furniture. An open house is the prime time for…
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There are plenty of tips and hints for home buyers when house hunting for julington creek plantation real estate, but there are a few suggestions that nearly every home buyer should consider. Here is our list of the top things today’s savvy home buyers are doing (and what you should consider doing, as well):

Don’t cram as many houses as you can into one day.

You may think you are being productive and efficient by viewing as many homes as possible in one day, but this tactic can quickly backfire, creating confusion, wearing you out, and making all the houses blend together. Choose a few homes you really want to view, and take the time to view those on one day. If there are more on your list, choose a different day or even later in the day.

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