Breaking up is Hard to Do…….

Posted by Carey Frankel on Tuesday, April 8th, 2008 at 12:44pm.


…….especially when one of you will need a new home now! Maybe it is time for a fresh start and a relocation is in order. They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder. Where do you start if its time for a relocation?

Your Job

Will your job transfer? Many companies have offices all across the country. If you like your job and the company, your first stop will be Human Resources, to see what may be available in other areas. Polish up your resume, and begin some serious networking. Make an appointment in HR, and get started!

If your company does not have offices anywhere you want to go, begin your job hunt. Post your resume online, using online services like or Hotjobs. Utilize online newspapers to check the Want Ads in locations that interest you. Consider hiring a “headhunter service” if you work in the tech industries.

Your Community

Once you have landed that new job, you will want to pick a new community to call home. Investigate the cost of living, the crime rate, and general community information. If you have children, you will want to check out the schools and appropriate community activities.

Your New Home

After you’ve chosen a job and a community, you will need a real estate agent. Whether you are looking for Saint Augustine Florida real estate or Saint Johns county property, you will need to choose an agent to represent your interests and work with you to locate a new home. Your agent should be knowledgeable and enthusiastic. Together, the two of you will work to find just the right property, whether you’re looking for Ponte Vedra beach homes or Jacksonville real estate.

You and your agent will discuss whether your new home will be a condo, a bungalow, a town home, a beach front property, or a loft to renovate. The key is to help your real estate agent understand your personality and your lifestyle, so that you’ll see the properties most suited to your needs.

Your Move

Once you have lined up a job and bought a new home, get packing! Make some basic decisions, and go from there. Do you want to do-it-yourself with a rental truck, or will you be hiring a mover? Do not forget to buy boxes and packing materials, and plenty of tape. Sturdy black magic markers will make identifying boxes easy at the other end of your journey, and less like an archaeological dig. Remember: when you’re packing a household, a little bit of patience makes a great deal of difference to the end result!

And Don’t Forget!

You will need to transfer the utilities, your bank accounts, safety deposit boxes, and Fluffy’s vet records. Make sure to get a copy of the kids’ school records and any important prescriptions or medical records. Even though the world is largely computerized, hard copies will be invaluable in saving time, money, and hassle. Pack the necessities last, and take them with you in the car.

You’re on your way.

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