December 2009

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The unwanted honor of the top three areas of Most Overpriced Homes belong all in Florida:  #1 Orlando-Kissimmee, FL #2 Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Pompano Beach, FL and then Jacksonville, FL as #3.  Their predictions are based on the fact that these metro areas have homes that stay on the market longest and sell for less than asking price the most.

Ranking was based on percentage of homes that have seen price reductions which they see as an indication of inflated price (or it could be of unrealistic sellers and competition from short sale and foreclosures), days on the market, list to absorbed price (price it went off the market not neccesarily closed). 

While Jacksonville Florida has an overall 11 months of inventory that indicates that it is still a

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I have yet to come across Chinese Drywall in Jacksonville Florida but that is not saying it is not here.  I recently read an article by Allison Grant of and wanted to pass on the information.

  • Just because there is no odor from the Chinese Drywall doesn't mean it's not chinese drywall.  The odor is dependant on how well you smell, the amount of chinese drywall used and quality of paint.  So don't rely only on your nose.
  • Chinese Drywall effects copper and  metal surface.  This includes corroding metal pipes and electrical wiring.  Homes with Chinese Drywall often have ac problems.  So check the freon line on the exterior of the a/c and your evaporator coil.  Also the ground wire in electrical outlets is often copper check to
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