November 2008

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Crops and livestock remain important industries for the livelihood of those in the St. Johns County area, and are therefore an important part of the local economy, job market and housing market.

For starters, St. Johns County leads the state of Florida in the production of potatoes and cabbage. Approximately 24,960 acres of land in St. Johns County are dedicated to potatoes, cabbage, broccoli, turfgrass, livestock, nursery stock, timber and various, small truck crops.

As stated by the University of Florida, agricultural and natural resources industries account for over $171 million in revenue for St. Johns County, and account for over 2,600 jobs.

The industry breakdowns are as follows:

  • Vegetables                                          
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Most buyers have dreams of finding that perfect deal –you know, the worst house in the best neighborhood kind of deal. And many buyers find that home through the foreclosure process.

Many homes in the foreclosure process can be bought for substantially less than other comparable homes in the same neighborhood – often as much as 30 percent less.

But as with any other kind of transaction, it pays to be educated before diving into purchasing a Jacksonville property in foreclosure.

The following tips are designed to serve as a starting point when considering the purchase of a foreclosed home:

  • Find a qualified real estate agent who has extensive experience dealing with foreclosures. A qualified real estate agent will prove invaluable
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