March 2012

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Although the seller has already accepted your offer and you’ve already signed a purchase agreement, the deal isn’t signed, sealed and delivered just yet. After the purchase agreement for the Jacksonville Beach home has been signed, but before you head to closing, you will need to get a home inspection done on the house.

Although most of the things found through home inspections are easily remedied, there are a few things that may be deal breakers for most buyers. Catastrophic problems with a home are rare, but when they are there, they can sour even the best real estate deal. They may include: environmental hazards, such as radon, water contamination, asbestos and lead paint; insect infestation, like termites or carpenter ants; horizontal foundation

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If you are in the market for a new St. Johns County real estate, you have likely seen the glut of short sales on the market. Buying a short sale may seem like a great idea, and it very could be; but it may also prove to be quite daunting for the average home buyer.

Here are just of the few pros of purchasing a short sale:

·         Unlike a banked owned property, a short sale is usually in better condition. Because a short sale is still owned by the homeowner, and not the bank, you can be better assured that they will care for the property better than if they had to leave due to foreclosure.

·         You can get a good deal on a short sale. But don’t expect to walk away with a steal. Banks who agree to a short sale still want to make as much money

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