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condominiums_-_apartment_convenience_with_some_benefits_of_ownership._923Let us take a closer look at the common questions one may ponder when they entertain the idea of purchasing a condominium.

Good Things

Convenience, no lawn maintenance, shared amenities.

Bad Things

Surrounded by neighbors, no lawn, sharing all the amenities.

But Wait…..

That’s right, some of the good things are also the bad.  The pool, if any, is shared.  You have to schedule private parties that need the big party room.

Some of the bad things are good.  You do not have the luxury of a private rose garden, but then you do not have to weed and mow and edge yourself.

Condo living is for people who do not mind hearing their neighbors through the next wall, above and below.  It is a comfortable space for people who travel a lot, have

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7 Reasons to Buy a home in Jacksonville Florida today

1.  Jacksonville Ranked One of Ten Best Cities For Bargain Househunters

Jacksonville was named number eight of the Ten Best Cities for Bargain House-hunters.  “Jacksonville didn't go through an obscene speculation boom, making its recovery cycle far less daunting than other Florida spots. Job growth isn't outstanding, about average for the cities we measured, but the foreclosure rate is lower than any of the Florida cities we looked at, making the high inventory rate more likely to improve than get worse .”, February 2008.

2. Jacksonville Area Among Those Areas Most Likely To Attract New Residents

Sean Snaith, director of the Institute for Economic Competitiveness at the

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This is it, you’ve decided to stop renting and purchase a home.  It’s exciting, and it’s scary all at once.  Big steps, big numbers, mind numbing forms, stacks of contract papers, and still, in the end you have embraced your dream of owning your very first home!

First Steps

Look at what you are paying for rent, determine how much more or less you would be comfortable with for a mortgage payment.  Get that figure firmly in your mind.  Think about it carefully.  Write it down.

Now, hit the yellow pages book or go on-line and look up mortgage lenders.  Interview several.  Talk, ask questions, and if you are not happy with the answers try the next in line.  If none of them give you answers that make you happy, look at your circumstances again and make

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Home Auction. Sounds like a nightmare right?  Foreclosure, eviction, all those nasty words come to mind when you see an auction sign.

Now, take a breath and think about it again.  An auction.  Fine goods are bought and sold at auction.  Artwork and artifacts are bought and sold at auction.  On-line auctions are a screaming, streaming success.

House Auctions are not just for the court house steps anymore.

Why Auction?

If you have a tight market or a market area that is being heavily invested in, the auction can get the investors to make a move on your property and may end up with a larger sale price than a standard sale.

If you have a smart auction service they will be advertising not only to the local community but will be tied into

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Want to Know Where Interest Rates Are Heading?

Knowing whether to lock your rate or play the market is always a hard decision.  You should discuss this decision in depth with your mortgage lender or broker so that you can get all of your questions answered.  However, to get a jump start on your decision making this is a quick and dirty way to figure out if interest rates will be going up or down.

First, Don't Watch the Following Indicators:


  • Today's Headlines
  • Last Week's Data
  • Yesterday's Data
  • 10-Year Treasury Note
  • Talking Heads on the News

As the attached article details the 10 Year Treasury Note was up 81 basis points but mortgage rates rose .25%.  So if you were following the 10 Year Treasury

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Some Sellers in Jacksonville are making decisions that may cost them thousands of dollars and the chance to sell their home.

"Consumers Are Idiots. Especially When it Comes to Real Estate" Quote from Real Estate Radio USA

Don't get mad at me.  He said it not me.  But I have to tell you that many Realtors do believe this statement.

Examples from Other Professions

Let's say you just inherited $300,000 and you wanted to invest it in the stock market.  Would you go with the new stock broker who just graduated college or the experienced stock guru like Warren Buffet who has a history of success?

Of course you would pick the experienced stock guru with the history of success.  If you saw someone going with a non-experience stock broker you would warn…
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Buyers can now buy a more expensive home in Jacksonville and Ponte Vedra Beach with less money down and lower credit score!

New rates are for loans obtained on July 1, 2008 or later and must close no later than Dec 31, 2008.

New FHA Maximum Loan Limits for Northeast Florida Counties:

Single-Family FHA Loan Limit is now $387,500 for Duval County Real Estate.

Single-Family FHA Loan Limit is now $387,500 for St. Johns County Real Estate.

Single-Family FHA Loan Limit is now $387,500 for Clay County Real Estate.

Single-Family FHA Loan Limit is now $387,500 for Nassau County Real Estate.

Single-Family FHA Loan Limit is now $387,500 for Baker County Real Estate.

This is an increase of $93,000 from the old FHA maximum loan limit of

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Myths About Using a Realtor and Pricing Your Jacksonville Home


Myth #1  Your Realtor's skills will enable you to beat the market and sell above market value.

Your Realtors skills will enable you to sell at market value with best terms and conditions for your needs and situation.

Your Realtor can get you more than other homes that are selling in your neighborhood if the value of the features and benefits of your home justify it.  Your Realtor will create through their advertising and marketing an auction like atmosphere where the Buyer will see the traffic your home is getting, the value of your home and will be willing to offer more in order not to loose the house to another buyer.  But the higher price your Realtor will be getting you will be

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3 Ways to Get Your Jacksonville and Ponte Vedra Beach Home Sold Faster & For More Money When Working With Your Realtor

If you’re selling your Florida home through a Realtor, you may think that your work is done. After all, you are going to be paying your Realtor at the time of closing for a successful sale. If you think this way, think again.

Selling a home with a realtor is a collaborative project. Yes, your Realtor will work hard. No, you can’t just sit back and let them do all of the work if you want a quick sale for the most money.

1.  Listen to Your Jacksonville and Ponte Vedra Beach Realtor's Advice

How can you help your Realtor sell your home? Trust their advice and cooperate. Realtors know the market and are on top of the latest trends.

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