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After 20 years in Ponte Vedra Beach and Jacksonville FL we certainly know the market. Use our experience to find you the best home at the best price.


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Vacation Home/2nd Home Shopping Tips



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Instruction For Home Buyers On How To use This Website To Search For Homes

Thank you for visiting our website. Before we start discussing the buying process we briefly wanted to touch on the best way to use this website.

Search & Save Properties To Get Daily Updates

If you already know what you are looking for and don't care to read up on any home buying tips then immediately skip to our property search page by click "Search MLS" below. Then:

  1. Enter in what you are looking for.
  2. See all the homes that match your search criteria
  3. Then Save the search and you will daily updates of new homes matching your saved criteria.

More Custom Search Features To Find Just The Right Home

We have more custom search criteria for you to narrow down your search than most other websites out there! Don't waste your time at other sites that can't narrow down the homes to what you are looking for. Example of the extra search criteria:

  • Waterfront: -Choose if you would like Intracoastal, Oceanfront or Riverfront. Or you can choose all of them! Or if you are just looking for a man made lake then there is a lakefront choice.

  • View -  haven't seen it anywhere else! Pick a golf course, marsh, river or ocean view. This is especially helpful if you are looking for a beach condo and don't want to pay oceanfront prices but do want that view!

  • New Construction -With one click you can see all the new construction. Or you can enter the year built and see homes that are just a few years old to new.

  • Lot Size - Sometimes you need the space. You want the privacy or the yard. Choose the acreage that is right for you.

  • Swimming Pool - Yes that is right. You can look at only homes with pools. These are usually limited in number. So this really helps narrow down your options.

  • Golf Course Neighborhood - This is different then just a gated community. (Which we also have).  Just about every golf course neighborhood is gated. But not every gated community is a golf course. So if you want to be on or near the links this makes it easier for you.

  • New Listings - You are aware of everything on the market. Then this search is for you. Put in the time frame and you can see homes that are new to market and maybe you haven't seen before.

  • Townhomes - Everybody has condos. But not everybody puts the townhomes separately. Well we do.

  • Condos - But if you are looking for condos we have some great options for you! Not only do we have the same waterfront options for condos so you can find that riverfront or oceanfront condo. But we also have unit floor and unit location. So if you prefer to be low to the ground or high up in the air ... this will set it for you. Also, if you want that hard to find end unit or penthouse unit then you can find it here.

Quick Searches Make It Easier For You

We have created a number of quick searches that can help guide you to the right home & neighborhoods for you. These "Quick Searches" are broken down into either location searches or property type search.

Location Search from County Down To Street Level


You can start a location search on as big of an area as city or county. Then add your custom search features to see what works for you.

Or you can narrow it down to areas/neighborhoods of the different counties and cities. You can even go as deep as searching in just a neighborhood or on a street for a home for sale with your specific criteria.

Once you find the property then just click "View Listing".

You find yourself on the property details tab. You will see the photos are larger then what you will find on most other sites. And you can see the virtual tour (if there is one) under the pictures at the Next Steps bar.

  • Really like the home? Share it on facebook or pin it to pinterest so you can discuss with family or friends.

  • You can click the "Map & Directions" - This tab  will take you to the Google Maps. You can enter your current address to get directions to drive by. Or click the satellite button to get that view.

  • If you want another great aerial view but closer. - Just click out the "bird's eye view" of the property. Or see what the street looks like with the "streetview".

  • Think you like the home? Then check out the area with "Get Local" tab. See Nearby Amenities and Nearby Schools. Then click on the "Neighborhood Information" tab and you can see the population of the zip code, demographics, financial statistics, crime rate, weather, closest airport and universities. Everything you would want to know about the home.

  • Have a question? Then just click on the Inquire button.

  • Want to save it on a list? Click "Add to Favorites" button.


Get To Know Real Estate in Ponte Vedra Beach, Jacksonville, St. Johns & Nocatee

Moving to the Jacksonville metro area can be difficult due to the many options you have.

You can chose between Duval, St. Johns, Nassau, Clay, Baker and Putnam County. But how do you know which area is best for you?

Read our relocation page in which we dive into some of the most popular areas and neighborhoods of Northeast Florida.

We provide you with detailed maps you won't find anywhere else. You can see where actual neighborhoods are on maps. Wonder where Nocatee is? Or Palencia? You can see it on our easy to read maps.

We Are Relocation Specialist

Phyllis is a Certified Relocation Professional by the Employee Relocation Council.

She has trained her agents in the special tasks and needs of someone relocating to the city. We have worked with many high end executives who have place their trust and their families trust in us. We are trusted by them and their companies in finding the right home for them in a limited time.

Your Source For Information

Want to find the right school? golf course? weather? fine dining? attractions?

The list goes on. All can be found on the relocation page.

Common Home and Condo Buying Questions and Answers

  • Where to Buy? Not sure how to figure out which home should work for you? Not sure where to begin? We have some great tips to guide you.

  • What to Buy? Can't find what you want? We have some home buying tips on what you should prioritize in your home search. And how to get the right home today which will end up your right home for the future.

  • Want to Know About Schools? Are you familiar with the different school systems? Charter schools? Private schools in the area? We have the school information to get you started.

  • Build or Buy Existing? Northeast Florida is one of the few areas where you can find affordable new construction .Buying a new home has many advantages. But it also has a few disadvantages. We have a great guide where you can explore if a new home is right for you.

  • It's Florida ... I Want A Pool If a pool is high on your wish list then we have some tips for you  We review cost, maintenance and other factors you should consider if you want a pool home.

How To Negotiate Your Best Deal On The Home You Are Buying

How Much Should You Pay? Here are some tips to finding the best price to offer. Also whether the market is moving up or down. And how to stay ahead of the changes.

Home Inspections Are Important Don't just use any home inspector.

But one that has been approved the their society. Find the list on our website.


As Important As The Contract? Seller's Disclosure Learn about the seller's disclosure.

The loopholes and what should happen. Be prepared when examining one of the most important documents about the home ... the seller's disclosure.

Do you know what is typically negotiated?

Get a quick run down of your different options for negotiation. Make sure you put forward the contract that is best for you.

The 2nd Negotiation: Repair Request. The 2nd most difficult hurdle of the contract is handling the repair request.

Learn what to expect and how to request repairs in order to get what you want.


How Much Are Your Closing Cost? Want to know how much closing cost are?

We have them all listed. So you will know how much cash you need on hand for closing cost.


Are You Ready For Your Vacation Home? Vacation homes are great investments.

But you have to make sure you have the right property, the right funds and the right mindset. Learn if a vacation home the type of investment property is right for you.

Custom Home Building Information

 Thinking of Custom Building? How to Find Your Lot

If you are not an expert at shopping for lots then this is a great guide to tell you how to start.

Cost of Custom Building

Custom building a home can be expensive. This guide gives you tips on how to get a good estimate of what your new home is going to cost.

First Time Home Buyer Tips - Are You Ready For Your 1st Home?

There is no question that being a homeowner is a great investment.

Here are some important questions you need to ask yourself if you are ready for home ownership.

Answers to Your Financing Questions About Housing and Real Estate

Mortgage Pre-Approval

Learn what a pre-approval is and how it will help you get your home. It might even save you money!

Fixed Rate Loan vs. Adjustable Rate Loan

There are many types of mortgage loans out there. Get tips on which one will be better for you financially and mentally.

Prepare For Your Lender

Get a list of the documents you will need to dig up in order to get your loan approved. Get a head start and alleviate your stress.

Credit Score Tip

Get a tip given to us by a mortgage lender on how to shop for a rate and take the smallest hit to your credit score.


All About Investing in Real Estate For Profit

Real Estate Investment Terms

Here are the basic investment terms your realtor will be throwing out to you about the different properties. Do a little homework and be prepared.

1031 Tax Exchange

Want to skip capital gains on the sale of your investment property? Learn how here.

Property Management

Here are some property management tips we learned over the years to help you keep the value in your investment.


Foreign National Real Estate Purchase Tips

Foreign National Home Buyer Tips


The Final Step ... Moving

Almost to Closing ... Wait You Have A Walk Through

You might be distracted by everything going on. But your final walk through is of vital importance. Learn what it is and what to look for.

Moving .. Pre-Planning Advice

Getting ready to move. Here is what you need to remember.


Moving with Pets

Here are some tips to moving with your pet. Don't forget about your four legged friend.