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Often wonder what that number in your closing cost column is paying for?  Of all parties involved in the purchase and sale of a Jacksonville fl real estate transaction, many people feel that the title companies are the ones walking away with most of the cash.  After all, they do own the biggest, most plush buildings besides the corporate banks!  While no one enjoys paying title insurance costs, no one ever gets out of it either, unless you’re paying for a new property in cash.  Even then, this is one insurance that isn’t wise avoiding.  With closing costs being a huge expense, along with money signed away in a matter of minutes, you can rest assured this is what you get with your hard earned cash:

1.  Title insurance expense is not a recurring

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the_30_day_checklist_to_making_your_florida_move_a_breeze_1595Relocation brings with it the most difficult challenges.  Having a Realtor assist you in finding your St Johns County property makes the process easier for you, as they work behind the scenes in closing on your dream home. 

In terms of your personal planning, here are some frequently overlooked tips to help in your relocation process:

Things to do at least 1 month before you move:

  • Start a log of moving expense receipts, keeping mind of which is tax deductible and which costs will be paid by your company.
  • Organize important documents to a secure, clearly marked, fire resistant box. Things to include are school records, home purchase or sale documents, will documents, marriage/divorce papers, medical documents, financial records,
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 In comparing loans for your new Jacksonville home, keep the following in mind.  Closing costs are split into two main categories: the closing costs controlled by the lender which vary from place to place and closing costs not controlled by the lender that will not be negotiated. 


The Process


You will first obtain a "Good Faith Estimate" of closing costs when talking to a mortgage lender.  It is your right to receive a copy although they may send it to you within three business days of your application.


Remember, the mortgage lender is not the only one charging all of your final closing costs, nor do they know what all the costs will actually be. They will normally give you a higher end estimate based on an educated guess from

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