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 Support Local Restaurants, Grocers & Farmers

This information was put together by Edible Northeast Florida. We are publishing it to help get the word out. (Map takes a moment to load)

Alphabetical List of Restaurants

See which restaurants, grocers & shops are available for takeout or delivery, their phone number, websites and delivery service each one is available on.


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Northeast Florida Golf Club Membership Cost and Amenities | The Ultimate List for Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Ponte Vedra, Fernandina and Palm Coast
golf course membership in Northeast Florida

When you think of Florida, you think of golf (and beaches, and sunshine and ... well you get the point). And Northeast Florida is no different. See 61 different golf courses located in just the Northeast Florida area below then visit the golf course homes for sale in Northeast Florida. (Now you understand why the TPC headquarters is located here). This includes Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Ponte Vedra, Fernandina Beach and Palm Coast FL. So if you are a true golfer, then you want to visit our area! After all, wouldn't you want to live within 2 hour drive of over 50 golf courses!

Figuring out which

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National Foreclosure Statistics Summary

Inventory is down 35% from June 2013. That is 32 consecutive months with year over year decline in foreclosure inventory. Florida is still ranked as #2 State with the Most Foreclosures.

Northeast Florida Distressed Property Summary

There are currently 681 distressed properties on the market in Northeast Florida. The average list price is $152,424. Banks are looking to move these properties fast. So we have seen a good number of these properties with a price reduction in the last 30 days. The average price reduction was 5.41% which is pretty hefty.

Luxury Distressed Property in Northeast Florida

Distressed properties do not mean non-luxury properties. The highest prices distressed home is on the

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UPDATE: This special has expired. However, The Phyllis Frankel Realty Group Inc will now credit you the buyer $1,000 at closing of any home purchased over $250,000 when Phyllis Frankel Realty Group Inc is the selling agent. You must mention this blog post and coupon code: 1KCF

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Nocatee Coastal OaksFrom now until June 27, 2014 Toll Brothers at Coastal Oaks in Nocatee at Ponte Vedra is offering a flexible spending dollar of $5,000 and supplier incentive savings up to $6,200 on new construction.

The $6,200 savings is from minimums that must be spent on certain

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the_30_day_checklist_to_making_your_florida_move_a_breeze_1595Relocation brings with it the most difficult challenges.  Having a Realtor assist you in finding your St Johns County property makes the process easier for you, as they work behind the scenes in closing on your dream home. 

In terms of your personal planning, here are some frequently overlooked tips to help in your relocation process:

Things to do at least 1 month before you move:

  • Start a log of moving expense receipts, keeping mind of which is tax deductible and which costs will be paid by your company.
  • Organize important documents to a secure, clearly marked, fire resistant box. Things to include are school records, home purchase or sale documents, will documents, marriage/divorce papers, medical documents, financial records,
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…….especially when one of you will need a new home now! Maybe it is time for a fresh start and a relocation is in order. They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder. Where do you start if its time for a relocation?

Your Job

Will your job transfer? Many companies have offices all across the country. If you like your job and the company, your first stop will be Human Resources, to see what may be available in other areas. Polish up your resume, and begin some serious networking. Make an appointment in HR, and get started!

If your company does not have offices anywhere you want to go, begin your job hunt. Post your resume online, using online services like or Hotjobs. Utilize online newspapers to check the Want Ads in locations

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condominiums_-_apartment_convenience_with_some_benefits_of_ownership._923Let us take a closer look at the common questions one may ponder when they entertain the idea of purchasing a condominium.

Good Things

Convenience, no lawn maintenance, shared amenities.

Bad Things

Surrounded by neighbors, no lawn, sharing all the amenities.

But Wait…..

That’s right, some of the good things are also the bad.  The pool, if any, is shared.  You have to schedule private parties that need the big party room.

Some of the bad things are good.  You do not have the luxury of a private rose garden, but then you do not have to weed and mow and edge yourself.

Condo living is for people who do not mind hearing their neighbors through the next wall, above and below.  It is a comfortable space for people who travel a lot, have

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