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Finding that perfect Jacksonville Beach home for you and your family may seem like the hardest part of the process, but in reality it’s just the beginning!
The next step in the process involves submitting an offer to the sellers.
Deciding on an offer to submit to the sellers should involve a great deal of thought, research and, of course, your budgetary constraints.

1.       The first factor you should consider before submitting an offer on the Jacksonville Beach home is the market value of the home.

Your real estate agent will likely provide you with a comparative market analysis on the property. This will detail comparable homes in the neighborhood that have been sold, have been listed or are currently under contract.

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It is a common misconception that multiple offer situations do not exist in a buyer’s market. Although there certainly are not as many instances of multiple offers, the situation does exist, particularly in the case of foreclosures and short sales.

If you are caught in a multiple offer situation as a buyer for a Jacksonville Beach home, then there are some things you should know:

  1. Don’t panic if your offer is not the first one. If you want to put an offer in on a Jacksonville Beach home that already has multiple offers, you’ll first want to decide exactly how much you want the home before submitting your offer. When the offer comes in is not as important as the offer itself.

Aside from the offer price, you’ll want to pay

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Even though it is now considered a “buyer’s market,” don’t be surprised if you receive multiple offers on your Jacksonville Beach property; particularly if you’ve priced it aggressively and have kept it updated.

multiple offers are tricky

Although most homeowners would be more than happy to be in this situation, it can prove rather tricky. Being overly greedy, slow to respond or impatient can mean not only losing your multiple offer status, but losing all offers in the process.

When reviewing offers, you want to look for the best offer with the best terms attached to it. For example, the first buyer may offer you full price for your Jacksonville Beach home, but with a contingency attached to it that they must sell their home before they can purchase your home.


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If the thought of purchasing a second home sounds tempting, indeed it is! Owning a second home in a favorite vacation spot such as St. Augustine may not only serve as a great getaway, but also as a solid investment.

You’ll need to do your homework, and crunch the numbers, before making the jump into a second home.

Some things to consider when purchasing a vacation home (aside from the price) are:

  • Down payments and interest rates. Even though interest rates are rock bottom as of late, it is important to realize that most mortgage companies will charge you a higher interest rate for a second home. In addition, you may need to fork out a higher down payment on a second home, as well.

    The bottom line: find a good
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It is up to you, as the seller, to draw your buyers in by showing off your Jacksonville Beach home’s best assets. So, don’t overlook your outdoor living spaces in the process!

If you are fortunate enough to have additional living space in the form of a porch, sunroom, lanai or deck, show it off and reap the rewards with better offers!

Add Some Color

If your front porch looks neglected and dull, then it should come as no surprise that your buyers walked right past it. A front porch is the perfect opportunity to set the tone of your Jacksonville Beach home.

Make the most of it by adding outdoor furniture, accessories and plants. Start with durable, outdoor furniture and top it off with colorful, outdoor cushions, pillows and throw rugs. Today’s

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Do you know what your homeowner’s insurance policy covers? More importantly, do you know what it doesn’t cover?

If you’re like most Americans, you have not given much thought to the details of your homeowner’s insurance policy lately. However, being unaware of your level of coverage can lead to a great deal of heartache and a large dent in your pocket.

Ask yourself the following questions to determine if you’re savvy about the details of your homeowner’s insurance policy:

Do you know whether your policy covers actual cash value or replacement cost value?

These two phrases can mean the difference between no out-of-pocket expenses should your Jacksonville home need to be repaired or replaced and falling short.

If your Jacksonville home is

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Everyone who owns a Jacksonville home must have a homeowner’s insurance policy, yet these policies are often misunderstood. And unfortunately, most homeowners don’t realize their homeowner’s insurance does not cover specific things until it is too late.

Owning a homeowner’s insurance policy is just like any other type of insurance: there are different levels of coverage, different inclusions and certainly different exclusions. It is up you to educate yourself on the nuances of your homeowner’s insurance policy so that you will not find yourself stuck in a financial disaster should something happen to your home or your home’s belongings.

Am I protected from flooding?

No. Flood damage is not protected by a standard homeowner’s insurance policy, as was

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