June 2008

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When searching for your Duval County real estate if you are considering the possibilities of moving into a condominium, you will want to ponder some of the common benefits and pitfalls.

The Benefits

There are many great advantages found in living in a condo today.   One of the main pleasures is convenience. Unlike a single family home, you do not have all of the maintenance, landscaping and other exterior responsibilities that are very time consuming. Another benefit is security. Today’s condominium communities often possess private, 24 hour security. In addition, many condo communities are gated. With crime always a concern, the added security from your condo complex can provide additional peace of mind.  The newest condo communities also allow you

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Taking the tiger by the tail selling For Sale By Owner may work out and save you a little bit of money.  But before you do, make sure you are comfortable risking the dangers and pitfalls of doing so.

 Here are some things to consider for your protection.

 The Breakdown:

 Many say they have a hard time paying “all that commission” for the sale of their home. However, upon closer evaluation, the 6% commission generally breaks down as follows:

 Commission is split fifty/fifty by the selling and purchasing agent.   If another Realtor has buyers that wish to purchase your home, you would still be bound to paying that agent’s 3% commission in order to get his buyers.  A Selling Agent has an agreement with his or her brokerage who may require up to half

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