Don't Over Pay for that Home!

You need to have the complete market information available when it comes time to make that home purchase offer.  If you are not completely educated about where the real estate market is heading in both the short term and long term then you might be costing yourself thousands of dollars when you buy.

Knowing the market value of the home is not enough!
knowing your market value is only part of the issue

Not only must you know what the prices of all the competing homes are on the market for and what the other competing homes sold for but you also need to know the general real estate market conditions and trends.  These factors will give you the complete picture of the market and give you an advantage over the home seller if used in your offer and negotiating strategy:

  • % of List Price Homes Actually Selling for

    percentage of list price home selling for

  • How Quickly Homes are Selling or Not Selling

how quickly are homes wselling is a market indicator

  • Whether the Supply of Homes is too great for the Number of Buyers or Vice Versa

supply of homes effects the market
All of this information is presented in easy to read graphs for a quick to understand review of the real estate market you are interested in.

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