Inquiring About A Mortgage Does Effect Your Credit Score

You already know that when you want to buy a home you don't do anything to mess up your credit score. Don't go buy a car with a loan, don't apply for another credit card.

But what about when you are calling around for your best rate and the lenders pull your credit to tell you what they can offer you? You know that every time someone pulls your credit it effects your credit score. But did you know that most credit agencies ignore mutiple credit inquiries in a 30 day period before your credit is pulled because they know that people shop with mutiple lenders. After the credit is pulled the credit agencies will consider mutiple credit request in 14 day periods as one request.

How to shop for your best interest rate

So if you want to shop lenders then you best not give out your social security number until you are ready to pull the trigger. Then you should make inquiries with lenders within the same 30 day period so as not to effect your credit score.

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