7 Reasons for Buying A Condominium

#1 It's More Affordable

Condos are more affordable than single family homes for the most part. So you can start building equity with a lower down payment and a lower mortgage sooner!


#2 Carefree Lifestyle

When you own a home you have to repair the roof if you get a leak. You need to repaint the exterior when it is time.

Not when you own a condo! Your condo association takes care of anything that is shared condominium property. So instead of spending the weekend doing chores around the house ... you get to spend the time enjoying life.

Have to run off on a weekend getaway? No problem lock the door and go.

condo living is about a carefree lifestyle

#3 Security Found At the Condominium

Most condominiums offer a security gate or a security door to the building. Some even have cameras at the gate or front entry. So you are less likely to have a random person wondering in front of your home.

You have neighbors next door that can watch out for you. And if you are located a couple floors up then a chance of someone climbing to your unit is unlikely.


#4 Your Neighbors

Condos often have an active community. You have events to enjoy the weekends and holidays. You have amenities where you will see the same people again and again. And develop friendships with people with similar interest. If you are new to an area this is a great way to make friends!


#5 Lower Living Cost

The monthly condo association fee often includes building insurance, maintenance fees for the amenities and utilities.  That means that cost of these items are shared between everybody! This is cheaper than when you pay for these items by yourself on a single family home.

condo living has lower cost

#6 Condo Ownership is Still Home Ownership!

Everything you can do in a home you can do in a condo as long as the condo association allows it. That means you can rent it out for investment. Fix it up the way you like. Tap into your increased equity as time goes by. Or just live in it. Condo living has as many advantages as home living.

condo ownership has all of homeownership advantages

#7 Maintenance Free Lifestyle

Life is good in a condominium. The grass needs to be cut? The condo association will do it. The building needs a new coat of paint? The condo association will do it.

Condo living is easy living. Enough said...


7 Reasons for Buying a Condominium




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