Certified Relocation Professional

The increasing number of specialized real estate designations one can achieve in the Real Estate Industry has only added to the age old consumers confusion of, Who is the most qualified Realtor?

In 1990 the Employee Relocation Council, a professional organization encompassing the entire relocation industry, has added their specialized degree, the CRP, to the alphabet soup behind your Realtor's name.

Master of the Real Estate Relocation Process

What makes the Certified Relocation Professional designation different than all the other designations is that it was created solely for the purpose of selecting those Realtors that have shown that they have mastered the knowledge of the relocation process. The CRP program test the Realtors knowledge of Relocation Appraising, Residential Real Estate (relocation-related), Corporate Relocation Policies & Issues, Relocation Tax & Legal Issues, and Family Relocation Issues. Realtors who have received the CRP designation are then given preferred status in helping employees of member groups of the ERC to relocate.



Benefit To Working With A CRP

For Sellers: The benefit to a relocating consumer working with a Realtor who possess this designation is in the confidence that the Realtor is experiences with the complexities of their relocation package to make the right choices for them and thus increase their net proceeds from the sale of their home or negotiate a sale to the greatest benefit of that relocating buyer. If you have a buyout from your company you can learn more how to increase your buy out amount by clicking the image below:


For a normal seller who is working with a Realtor that possess the CRP designation the added benefit of having a Realtor who is working with professional people who must relocate and do so in a limited period increases their chances of a sale.

For Buyers: Work with real estate professionals that have decades of experience helping people new to the city quickly learn the advantages and disadvantages of each neighborhood. Get expert opinion on the best neighborhood for your needs, resale value, negotiations, paperwork and more.



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