Home Buying Tip: How To Choose Between Homes

1. Is this a home you can grow into?


Do all the rooms fit your furniture? Do you have an extra bedroom for the future if you need it? Do you have an extra bathroom if another family member decides to live with you? Or that teenager decides they need their privacy? Is the yard big enough for your needs? For a playground, picnic area or pool in the future?

2. Are you going to be happy in the neighborhood long term?


Does the neighborhood have the amenities you are looking for. Are you as close to the grocery store, major roads and restaurants as you want to be? Does the neighborhood fall in a good school district and low crime area? These are going to be your concerns as you are living in the house for the next 5 - 10 years. Get you answer now to save you a move in the future.

3. What are the carrying cost of the home?


Is the house newer and won't need maintenance and repair for a while? Or is it an older home that might need roof repair, windows, hvac repair and new appliances in a couple years? Are you willing to accept the future cost of an older home?

We do want to state that not all old homes need work.


Some of the most solid homes for sale are well maintained older homes. The quality of craftsmanship and material found in some of these homes are not seen today. So you should consider older homes if you are looking for:

  • a more mature neighborhood
  • larger yards
  • charm

4. Will you be needing a bigger garage in the future?


Do you have a child that will be of driving age soon. Does the house have a garage that will accommodate everyone's car? If not are you willing to leave a car in the driveway? And if so will the HOA allow it?

These are the items you should overlook when home shopping:


1. Easy Cosmetic Fixes



Don't like the wall color? Don't worry. Painting the walls is one of the easiest fixes you can do. That is because you can do it yourself if you want.

Your dream home has shag carpet. Still not a big deal. Change the flooring. Save up if you have to. But this is still an easy fix.

What is that popcorn on the ceiling? Not a problem either. You can have that removed.

FYI: Just so you know a not easy fix would be like adding a bathroom or a room.

2. Ugly Kitchen Appliances


Again this is something you can change out. Unfortunately, it might not be cheap. But you can save up and make the change.

3. Lack of Curb Appeal


That is ok. I sure you have seen one of the real estate property flipping shows on HGTV. It can be fixed with:

  • some landscaping
  • new exterior fixtures
  • a new door color
  • exterior architectural shutters
  • pavers

Home Buying Checklist | What to Look for


Source: http://www.hendersonproperties.com/ of Charlotte NC

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