Phyllis Frankel Realty Group's Quick Sale Program

The local Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra Beach and St. Augustine real estate market is extremely competitive.  Get ahead of the competition and get your contract quicker by getting an appraisal, an inspection and a home warranty.  These items will give the Buyer more confidence in your price and in the condition of your home which will lead to a quicker sale for more money.


get an appraisal to received a certified value of your home
By getting an appraisal the Buyer will have a professional, objective opinion of value to rely on.  They don't have to trust you; they don't have to trust their Realtor.  They have a valid appraisal to take to their mortgage company and to base their financing off of.  They have an absolutely trustworthy document validating your price.  By getting an appraisal you take away one of the Buyer's major concerns and objections ... the price.



Make your sale easier by getting a pre-inspection done
By getting an inspection you will be made aware of any surprises that would have scared the Buyer away when they had their own inspection.  Then you will be able to get the repairs taken care of before the Buyer even has a chance to worry!  Avoid the worry of renegotiations because of repairs or worse, the Buyers walking away with a simple pre-inspection.  In addition, a clean inspection will allow the Buyer to feel confident about the condition of the home which will be reflected in a better offer price.

Home Warranty

A Home Warranty will give your buyer assurance when buying your home
If you home is more then a couple years old, then a Home Warranty will give the Buyer assurance that should one of the major systems of the property breaks down they will get it fixed with limit cost to them.  A Home Warranty usually covers appliances, air conditioning system, plumbing, electrical and sometime even roof leaks.  Should you have concerns about your home while it is listed you can even get a home warranty to cover you.  According to a study by the National Warranty Association, a house with a home warranty will sell 60% faster and for a higher price.


how to get a quicker and easier home sale
An appraisal, an inspection and a home warranty will all lead you to a quicker offer and a higher offer price.  These three items will eliminate the major areas of concerns for Real Estate Buyers and also provide you with needed relief regarding your home fulfilling the potential appraisal and home inspection contingencies the Buyer may place in the contract.  To find an appraiser, home inspector or home warranty that will services your Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra or St. Augustine Home please contact us at 800-999-0245, 904-273-0125 or fill out the form below:


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