How To Tell If You Are Priced Right When Your Home Is On The Market...

We have a very diverse market in Northeast Florida.  You need a true real estate expert that specializes in your area and your property type (Single Family Home, Condo, Townhome, etc.) to sell your home quickly and for the most money.  The Phyllis Frankel Realty Group has a real estate specialist for every property type and area ... no matter if you are in St. Augustine, Jacksonville or Ponte Vedra Beach.  Read some expert advice from our local real estate pros below.

What is the correct price for my home?

the correct price to sell your home
We will be the first to say that no one can tell you exactly what your home will sell for.  That is because the final selling price is determined through the negotiation process after we get a buyer's offer.  So what your home will sell for has more do with what the buyer offers and how well your Realtor can negotiate the price you want. 

Thus the greatest determining factor of the selling price of your home is the market.  And while we strive to sell your home at the best price in the quickest time period ... we can not control the market.

realtor will monitor the market for you

Since the market is the main determinant of your selling price it must be vigorously monitored to ensure that any change in the market is reflected in your listing price.  Overpricing your home can lead to a longer time on the market and an eventual sales price that will be lower then what a properly priced home would sell for.  Under pricing your home will lead to a quicker sale but will net you less money then what you should have received.

At the Phyllis Frankel Realty Group we are real estate experts in Jacksonville, St. Augustine and Ponte Vedra Beach.  We will provide you with constant updates on what real estate is listed and selling for in your neighborhood and monthly market updates to ensure that you are priced at the right level for achieving the greatest sales price in the quickest time period.

SELLER TIP:  The best way to gauge the market's opinion of your home's value is to measure the number of showings and offers and compare it against the norm for homes in Northeast Florida.

When Buyers Don't Think You Really Want To Sell Your Home

buyers think you dont want to sell
No Showings and No Offers means that agents and buyers are comparing your price against other comparable homes and find your home over-priced. 

Buyers don't want to waste their time looking at your home when there are other homes to look at that offer better value.  After all, if you were the Buyer and you could get a bigger home with more impressive interior amenities for the same price as your home ... wouldn't you be more interested in that other bigger home? 

There are always people who place their home for sale and think, "If I get my price then I will sell it, if not oh well..."  You will be grouped with this category.

When You Are Always a Bridesmaid But Never The Bride

when you are not getting offers on your home
Over 10 showings and No Offers means that agent and Buyers see your home within range of its true market value but they are still finding better value elsewhere. 

If a house is priced right and is not a unique piece of property (i.e. horse ranch, oceanfront home, etc.) then you should get over 10 showings in the first four to six weeks and get an offer. 

If you find that it has been 6 weeks and you haven't received 10+ showings then a new market analysis needs to be done looking at what is happening in your neighborhood and what is happening in the market in general.  With this information we can position your home at the best price to get it sold.

When You Are The Most Popular Kid in School

if you are getting a lot of showings
Everyone wants to see your home; it's really popular.  People are coming back over and over.  You get at least one offer in the first four to six weeks of marketing. 

This is where you want to be.  Buyers will see how much activity you are getting.  Their realtors will recognize a good price and value.  You are more likely to get a higher priced offer in a quicker time period because buyers know if they don't act fast and rich enough they will loose the home to another Buyer. 

Set Your Price

Set the Price


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