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Two Ways to Choose a Realtor

 how to choose a realtor

You can choose a Realtor in one of two ways. Either you can pick the Realtor who you believe will give you the best service or the Realtor who names the highest price. However, you should realize that a Realtor doesn't set the market value of your home ... the market does. All we can do is show you the recent sales and the range of values that your home falls into with the current market. This is not an exact science.


Realtor Dirty Tricks

 realtor dirty tricks

There are Realtors who will name a price higher than what the other Realtors are concluding in hopes of obtaining the listing then over time getting price reductions to market value. In the industry it is known as "buying a listing." Please realize all Realtors have access to the same information and should thus come in around the same price.


Overpricing Can Cost You More in the Long Run

 overpricing your home

Overpricing a listing only causes the home to stay on the market longer and to eventually sell for less than it would of originally if it had been price right. After all, buyers will shop by comparison shopping and if a home is overpriced it will not compare favorable to other similarly priced homes. Eventually, the market will either rise to the value of the home or the home will be reduced in price. However, if the home has been on the market for a while the buyers will wonder what is wrong with it and usually offer less than market to account for anything that may of caused the longer than average market time. This is why it is so important to price the home right the first time.


If you have an unique home or one where there hasn't been a number of recent sales then I would suggest you get an appraisal. After all, unless someone pays cash for the house, the home will have to appraise at sales price by an appraiser no matter what any Realtor tells you.



How Frankel Realty Prices Your Home

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When you have decided to list your Jacksonville Florida or Ponte Vedra Beach home with us we will go over a comparable market analysis showing what current homes like yours are on the market for, what current homes likes your have sold for, and what current homes like your are not longer on the market for. We focus not only on your neighborhood but on other competing neighborhoods that potential buyers will be looking at.


We do know if you gave us the opportunity to do so we do have the best marketing out there. Some of this marketing inlcudes putting your property on the real estate show, using our toll free technology home hotline, using our team of realtors and staff to make sure everything happens quickly and smoothly; putting your home on the top real estate internet sites, and our own personal sites: and http//

For sellers considering using our services we have an information DVD put together by a real estate expert concerning pricing of the home that we can loan you. It would help explain how a Realtor prices your home and why it is important to price it right. Please let us know if you are interested.


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