Most Affordable Home Staging Room by Room

By now you now you need to "Stage Your Home". But you don't have to pay an arm and a leg to do so.

The top cheap home improvements to get your home sold involve painting and improving the light in your home. If you have some skill and patience then you can do this yourself! Roll up your sleeves and get going with the painter's tape.

Once you have done that then you should tackle your home improvements room by room. And start in the most important room which is...

Affordable Home Staging in the Kitchen


Update Cabinet Hardware

By adding new knobs or replacing outdated ones you will have a totally new look!

Add the Backsplash

You ever think something was missing from your kitchen? Well it was. A backsplash! Today's construction technology makes adding one the easiest!

Add Cabinet Lighting

Everyone wants a light and bright kitchen no matter the style. Add some extra pop by adding lights under the cabinets. The best way would be it wired in and connected to switch. But anything will work. I have seen wired lights with the switch attached to them. Even battery operated lights.

Have Extra Cash?

If you have some cash left over then you should consider putting new tile down on the floor, going stainless steel with the appliances and upgraded the counter top. Granite counter top is the preference. But don't over improve if your neighbors don't have it!

Affordable Home Improvement in the Living Room


I will assume you have painted and upgraded the lighting.

Re-Arrange the Furniture

Hey this might not cost you anything! Set up your furniture around a focal point. Get rid of any overbearing pieces.


You spent years adding stuff. Now spend a couple days and remove it. Minimal is best. Leave some artwork and other items of color.

Affordable Home Improvement in the Bathroom


Out with the Old

  • Get rid of old plumbing fixtures. That means good bye brass!
  • Still have that 70's baby blue bathtub. Get it resurfaced!
  • Have the matching surround tile too? Get it covered or re-tiled.
  • Then re-grout the tiles.

Affordable Home Improvement in the Bedroom


Improve Your Bed

  • Yes you need a headboard! Your bed is your focal point.
  • Have fancy pillows & duvet. Remember the model home bedroom? That is the look you are going for.




You will be surprised at the difference utilizing these tips can make. So good luck and please contact us if you would like to see how the Phyllis Frankel Realty Group can get your home sold! You can reach us at 904-273-0125, 800-999-0245 or by filling out the form below:

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