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Mayport, Duval County, Florida

When people hear Mayport, Florida they have a plethora of images that come to mind. Some think of the beaches, some of the proximity to Jacksonville, since it is part of the metropolitan region, and some think of Mayport Naval Air Station. No matter which comes to mind first, there is no denying that Mayport is a special place. Mayport is known as some the best value for homes and condos you can find at the beach.

On the bank of the St. Johns River, where it intermingles with the Intracoastal Waterway and the Atlantic, this community and its surroundings are part of an amazing land and water partnership.

The French settlers called the St. Johns the "River of May," and that's where Mayport acquired its name. Just across the river to the northwest is one of the historical sites from the first Huguenot settlements of the area.

It's been said that Mayport residents are living in a forgotten era. Tourists who come through want to eat at a real fishing camp, or take the ferry. Mayport Ferry carries cars and pedestrians across the beautiful St. Johns River, from Ft. George Island to Mayport, Florida as part of the A1A system known as the Buccaneer Trail. The village of Mayport itself is an old established fishing community and the entry way for shrimpers to come to port or head to the sea. It's an excellent place to establish the Marine Science Center.

Mayport Naval Station, the second largest naval port on the East Coast after Norfolk, is the home of the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Kennedy.  Mayport also has one of the Intracoastal Waterways registered Lighthouses. The lighthouse, built in 1859, played a role in the navigation of ships during the Civil War.

The Best of the Sunshine State

Huguenot Memorial Park is one of the most fantastic recreation areas your family will ever see.  Warm waters, sea breezes, and sunshine meet tidal plane and rolling hills. The children will squeal with excitement as they collect some of the area's finest live shells. Mom and dad can sit on the beach with a good book from one of the area's fine libraries, or just doze in the shade of a colorful umbrella. Sports enthusiasts will want to fish, swim, or go boating. This is the life!

For a bit more adult fun, consider how exciting it would be to take one of the delightful Sun Cruz Casino cruises!

Mayport, Jacksonville Region

Mayport is surrounded by

This fantastic community and it's wide selection of homes for sale is waiting for you to come home and put your feet up on the deck rail and watch the water flow. Watch your kids building sand castles. Relax and get into the beach lifestyle that you've always wanted to find.


Economics and Industry

The Jacksonville area around Mayport has a steadily growing income and population base. More and more jobs are opening every day and the local residents can't keep up the demand! If you've ever wanted to live in a gorgeous rustic beach community, this is the time! With beaches surrounding the area, retail industry is always looking for employees,  as well as the restaurants, museums, and local fairs. Plenty of local festivals bring in money and jobs. Thinking of a way to start your own business? Artistic endeavors are welcome in this picturesque area. 


People and Income for the Area

  • $45,000 household income average
  • 82.7% of the population has a high school diploma, or more
  • 21.29% of the population has a Bachelor's degree, or more
  • 430,322 people were in the labor force as of 2006
  • 26% popular growth since 1990
  • 4% unemployment

Homes for Sale in the Mayport/Jacksonville Region

Regardless of what title you give it, the Mayport / Jacksonville area is an amazing mix of old and new, traditional and neo-traditional.  Everything from Federal and Palladium style homes is available, in single family homes, town homes, condos and luxury homes, ranging from an average of $270,000 up into fantasy homes over $3 million.  Talk to your local Mayport realtor for more information on viewing these homes and making a move to an unforgettable location. Make sure you check out other communities in the general area if you don't find the perfect home in Mayport. After all, one size does not fit all and there are homes for sale which fit every budget and every dream. Make sure you find your dream home!


For more information, to view homes or if you have real estate questions please contact your Mayport Realtor at (800) 999-0245 or locally at (904) 273-0125. Or leave us a message ... 
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