First Time Home Buyer

Thinking of buying a home in Jacksonville Florida or any of the areas in and around Ponte Vedra?

Buying your first home can either be the BEST experience in your life, or it can be the WORST! Let one of our Jacksonville Realtors help you buy your first home. 

We, The Frankel Realty Group, specialize in helping the First Time Home Buyer.

we work with first time home buyers
It really takes a special someone to work with 'first-timers' because of the time and commitment that it takes to facilitate a successful home buying experience. Make sure that in your journey to find a Realtor to work with you, that they too can provide you with the following services.

• Be available to you 24/7 during the entire process

we are avialable for home buyers

• Sit with you and help create the ULTIMATE 'wish list' of features, school district (if needed), and location

help you create real estate wish list

• Provide you with an 'In-House' Mortgage Broker to walk you through the ever so frightening financial details that are associated with buying a home, including understanding the various mortgages and home buying programs that are available to you

put you in touch with a mortgage broker

• Monitor all new listings that arrive on the market and alert you in a timely manner and let you in on the details that are not available to the general public

We will notify you about new properties

• Provide you with years of experience and expert knowledge of the communities that you are interested in

Provide you with the information you need

• Negotiate the deal to help save you the most money possible

we will help you negotiate the deal

• Guide you through and explain the enormous amount of paperwork involved with buying a home
guie you through the real estate process

First Time Home Buyer Financing Tips

Here are some tips that will also help the First Time Home Buyer in buying your first home when it comes to acquiring a loan.

• Your Job: Lenders like to see at least an established employment for two years. If the person has been bettering their job status, the lender will accept that as well. If for some reason you were terminated with rightful cause, have long gaps in your employment or have dips in your income, you would be better off delaying the purchase of a home until a more stable work history can be accounted for.

lenders want to see employment records

• Bills: One necessity is record that you have been making payments on time for two years or more. Even though the accounts are current, but there are late payments on record, lenders find that to be a loan risk.

Lenderss want to see you pay your bills on time

• Credit History: If you have never taken out a loan, financed a car or had a credit card, you may want to think about doing so before applying for a loan.

Lenders will look at your credit history

• Cash: Before you think about buying a home, you should have at least enough money to make a 5% down payment as well as additional monies set aside for closing costs which could amount to several thousand dollars.

Ready to buy your first home? Apply for a Jacksonville Mortgage today!

So if you are a First Time Home Buyer and are looking for assistance in buying your first home, contact one of our Jacksonville Realtors today to get started on one of the most exciting experiences of your life!  You can reach us at 904-273-0125, 800-999-0245 or fill out the form below:

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