It's Worth It to Improve Your Curb Appeal

Improving your curb appeal is worth it. If you don't have curb appeal then the buyer might turn around as soon as they show up for their showing.

The Value of Curb Appeal

curb appeal has great value
I know you don't like the thought of spending money on the home where you are just planning to sell it. But studies show your home will sell quicker and for more money. In fact landscaping can add 7-15% to a home's value.

Impress Buyers
impress buyers with your curb appeal

Your landscaping can do two things:
1. Impress your buyers. Which will create a higher value for your property in your buyer's mind.
2. Not impress your buyers. This will create a lower value for your property in your buyer's mind.

So don't hurt your value and work on your curb appeal. Here are 11 Tips to Get Curb Appeal


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