Top 5 lowest cost Home Improvements

Today with HGTV and reality based real estate tv every home buyer expects a better than new home.

While these expectations are not realistic. More sellers are putting more into getting their homes in selling shape.

So if you are looking to do only the basics. Then these are the 5 cheapest improvements you can make to get your home selling quicker and for more.

#1 Clean/Declutter

#2 Let There Be Light

#3 The World is a Stage and So Should Your Home

#4 Curb Appeal

#5 Minor Fix Up


#1 Clean/Declutter


You can't have one without the other. No I'm not talking about Love and Marriage. I am talking about Cleaning and Decluttering.

Your Kitchen Is Your Star

Start in the kitchen. Move on to the living areas. Then your master bedroom and bathroom. Then the rest of the bedrooms.

Bonus Round: The Closets

In addition don't forget to clean out your closets. You don't want the buyer to think that you don't have any storage space.

Men Look At Garages .. And Some Women Too

Yes clean out your garage. Rent a storage area if you have to. If you are busting at the seems then the Buyer might pass on your house because they fell like they will do the same.

Smells Like Teen Spirit

As part of your cleaning and decluttering you will be getting rid of smells. The top offenders are pets, smoking and teenagers laundry. So get cracking!

#2 Let There Be Light


Letting in more light to your home is a 3 step process.

1. Light Bulbs

Get brighter light bulbs and add lamps.

2. Brighter Paint

If you have dark rooms go to a neutral paint. One maybe with a shine.

3. Open Blinds & Drapes

You can do this before showing or just tie up the drapes now. Your Realtor will get the blinds when they show.

4. Add a Mirror

Mirrors will help reflect light into a dark room or area.

#3 The World is a Stage and So Should Your Home


The catch phrase in real estate today is "Home Staging".

You have already started staging your home by cleaning, decluttering, lightening and brightening.

Now take a step further and de-personalize your space. Minimal decorations and pictures. Look at pictures of model homes to get ideas.

Get rid of any oversized furniture that makes the room look small.

Set up each room with a focal point.

Then ask your Realtor for additional advice.

#4 Curb Appeal


Fix your landscaping. Plant new sod. Pull those weeds. Trim those hedges. Add some wood chips and flower plants.

#5 Minor Fix Up


If you have something wrong with your plumbing or electrical fixed.

A buyer looking at your house will notice a light or light switch not working. You don't want to give the impression that further issues might been found down the line. Also, replace old power outlets and light switches to give the room a new feel.

You might be able to get away with a plumbing issue until inspection. However, rusty plumbing fixtures or old school plumbing fixtures should be replaced. It really helps to dress up the home.

Source: Inc 2011 Study

Now read below to see the results of a study that asked Realtors the top 5 home improvements, the average cost and the return they expect to see from each.


Top 5 Low Cost Home Improvements for Sellers




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