Full Closet Scare Home Buyers

Yes it is true. Your over packed closet scares off your home buyer. Now I know you might find it hard to believe that something so simple can have such a dramatic effect. Well think of it this way...

Staging Your Home to Sell

stage your home to sell
By now you have heard of staging your home. 3 critical components of staging your home are:

1. Cleaning
2. Decluttering
3. De-personalizing

Why are these 3 items so important? Because it allows the home buyer to picture themselves in your home. It creates the "emotional connection" that makes them think "Yes I want to buy this home."

Now think about your closet. Does your closet say, "Wow, I have a ton of storage space." Or does it say, "Huh, they are stuffed to the gills. I bet I won't have any room in this house". Well if you want to sell your home I hope your closet gives the impression of having storage space.

Staging Your Closet to Sell Your Home
stage your closet to sell your home

Pack Up!

If you have clothes that are not for this season then pack them up! You are going be moving in the next couple months.

If you have clothes you haven't worn this year. Donate them! Why take the time to pack them and pay to move them when you don't wear them?

So conventional wisdom says divide your clothes into 4 parts:
1. Keep
2. Consign
3. Store
4. Donate

Start in your master closet. That is where the buyer will focus on first. Then move on to the kids bedrooms.

Now here some additional tips on getting your closet ready:


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