What to Include in Your Real Estate Ad

In writing your real estate ad you should not only highlight the features of the property but tell the benefits of those features from the new homeowner’s perspective. If you can describe how the new homeowner will enjoy or benefit (saving money, solving a problem, creating a lasting memory etc.) from the houses different features then you will be one step close to selling the home.

Keywords to Use

You should use keywords in your home’s advertising that focus on why a person typically moves.

    1. Energy Efficiency – Being “Green” is not only good for the environment but can save you on your bills. If you know the savings on your bills then you should include that also. green-energy-word-cloud_f12qwuw__400


    1. Storage – Being a realtor we hear all the time how the buyer is “bursting at the seams” in their current property. So by advertising that you have that extra storage space they are looking for you provide their needed answer to their problem.storage-key-means-storage-unit-or-storeroom_fjcvozvd_400


    1. Backyard Paradise – As Americans are staying home the backyard and “staycations” are becoming more popular. If you have added fruit trees, a garden for growing your own fruits & vegetables or just an outdoor space that adds another living area to your home then you should tell the world about it. gazebo-and-beach_my8lvv_400


    1. Luxury Kitchen Appliances – Using the brand names of expensive Kitchen appliance will attract the cook in each family and those status conscious buyers.water-tap-and-sink_fyvzioad_400


    1. Turn Key/Move In Ready – Your competition usually includes new construction. So you want to not only have your house in tip top condition but let the buyers out there looking that it is.living-room_gjeifiyd_400


    1. School – One of the biggest reasons a buyer moves is to get into a certain school system or district. So make sure you let the buyer know you are part of the desired school system.img_3278-793_400


    1. Pet Friendly – One of the trends in remodeling these days is making a home more pet friendly. So if you have no carpet, large fenced yard or bathing area perfect for pets then you should let buyers know.img_9083-1030_400


    1. Room for a Pool – This one might be more warm weather specific but pools can be a big selling point for a home buyer. If they can’t find a home with a pool already installed then their next step is to find one that has the room to install one.pool-cocktail_mkm7be_400



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