Don't Know How to Start Preparing Your Home to Sell?

It takes a lot work to get your home ready to sell. Buyers are comparing your home to your neighbors and new construction. So you need to put your best foot forward. This can be a very overwhelming process. In order to get started here are a few things you need to do:

1. Get rid of those 80's Colors


I have nothing against the 80's. In fact, we used bad colors in the 90's and '00. So not matter when your house was built if you have carpets, tile, bathtubs or showers in a strong hue then change it. You get the idea. So no pink countertops, red carpets, green bathtubs, etc.

2. Fix your Cabinets


If your cabinets are grimy or dated then paint then or re-surface them. Your light wood cabinets you put in are no longer the thing. Pull up pictures of some model homes in the new communities. You will see white and gray cabinets are the current fad. The Kitchen is a key selling feature so you should make this count. Replace the cabinet hardware while you are at it to have a whole new kitchen!

3. Declutter


If you have seen any of the HGTV shows then you know about decluttering. This means getting rid of your personal pictures, packing up the books in your shelves and creating elements of 3 around the house. This also means packing up the clothing from next season and getting it out the closets. Look into shelving in your garage for more storage or rent a storage area. It is absolutely worth it!

4. Bye Bye Wallpaper


Wallpaper is a very personal choice. You have better chance of winning the lottery than someone liking your wallpaper. Strip it down and paint the room a neutral color.

5. Bye Bye Brass


What was once in is now out. Nothing dates a home more than brass light fixtures, door fixtures or plumbing fixtures. Bring your home into the new age with a modern finish.

6. Hello Granite


Unless your neighbors all have laminate then you shouldn't either. Put in granite or a similar stone in the Kitchen and Master Bath. Have a luxury home? Then you should have granite in all the bathrooms too!


7. Let There Be Light!


Every room should be as bright and cheerful as possible. Get rid of those heavy drapes, put in brighter light bulbs and open those blinds. Then before the showing turn them all on!


8. Smells Like A New Home


Do you have pets? Do you smoke in your home? Do you use strong seasonings in your food? Well then you may have a serious problem. I have had buyers turn around after taking one step into a house because of all those reasons. So bring over a friend or ask your Realtor to be honest and find out if your home smells. If so then you need to clean & paint walls and replace carpet.


9. Your Honey-Do List Must Be Done


You know that vine has been growing up the side of your home? Or the faucet that leaks a little bit? Fix them. When a buyer sees a problem it sets off a chain reaction in their brain. They think, "If they didn't fix this, what else did they not fix that I can't see?" So be like the Nike slogan and "Just Do It".


10. Give the Property A Haircut


Yes you need have a mowed lawn. Yes you should have some flowers for color. Yes you should have well shaped bushes and trimmed trees that allow light to come into the home. If you don't have a pleasant outside then you may not even get the home buyer inside!


11. Get Rid of Furniture


Each room should have a focal point. Each room should be staged to show the buyer how they would enjoy the room and the focal point. Don't overstuff the room with extra cabinets or pieces of furniture unless it is an ovesized room. Don't block the focal point of the room (fireplace, view, headboard, etc.) Do put up pictures/painting around you focal point to keep the focus.


Prepare Home to Sell


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