Pre-Staging Your Home


Your realtor will give you plenty of advice and tips. But it can be overwhelming to get your home ready to sell. Here are some steps you can do before you meet with your Realtor. Once you tackle these items you Realtor will only have very specific recommendations curtailed your market.

Don't Be Unique


Did you convert a bedroom into a play room, weight room or sewing room? Convert it back to a bedroom.

Same goes for living areas. Make sure your living room is a living room and your dining room is a dining room. Not a bar, game room or some multi-purpose room.

You want to sell the home now. So you need to give up what you were using the room for in order to appeal to the average home buyer.

Clean Your Bathroom Twice


Today's trend in master bathrooms is the "spa". So clean up your bathroom. Take everything off the counters. And hang some luxurious, fluffy white towels.

It's All About the Kitchen


There are so many ways to dress up and stage your kitchen.

  • Re-finish your cabinets
  • Add new kitchen cabinet knobs
  • Upgrade to stainless steel appliances

Then clean your kitchen. That includes removing everything from the countertop including appliances.

The Cheapest Home Staging You Can Do


You need to fix everything that needs to fixed. You know that floorboard that creaks? Get to work.

You need clean your home. A couple times. You will see something new that needs to be handled each time.

You need to replace light bulbs with brighter bulbs. Pay attention to the max wattage each fixture can take.

You need to trim the trees and shrubs for a more manicured look. Then add some flowers for color.

Pack. Yes that is right pack. You are going to be moving anyway so de-clutter. Get rid of your accumulation. Then get rid of the over sized furniture. Make sure each room seems spacious.



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