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If you have ever had a successful realtor sell your home then you are familiar with the different marketing vehicles that are used to get a home sold.  Here at the Phyllis Frankel Realty Group we not only offer all the standard marketing and advertising that you will find everywhere but we strive to offer more to ensure that the home selling process is quick and profitable to you.  We have found that the addition of the unique systems, techniques and advertising (some of which is listed below) is what has helped us successful move over 2600 families in Northeast Florida in the past 35 years.







Buyer Partners Availability


Your home can be shown any day, anytime, as long as you approve. We employ Buyer Partners that are available to show your property whenever a buyer can look at it. if a buyer drives by your home, or calls in on an ad and wants to see your home right away we are available. If your REALTOR doesnt have a Buyer Partner you may lose a buyer! You can choose between an agent who is too busy to get right back to that buyer who calls in because they are working on your marketing or with some other buyer at that time or a ready pool of buyer partners that are ready.




We deliver your home to local, national and worldwide buyers 24 hours a day, seven days a week view our unique internet marketing.  Studies show that 90% of buyers are starting on the web to view homes.  So having a strong presence is a must if you want your home seen by these buyers.  We have our own web sites and in addition pay thousands of dollars to advertise on an additional 27 other top real estate websites that allows potential buyers in town or across the world to view your home and contact us for that all important property viewing. We are currently receiving on average around 70,000 hits a month for people looking for real estate just in our area!   Our website is on the cutting edge of real estate technology offering the maps, photos, virtual tours, a real estate blog and more!  The whole website is designed around showcasing your home.  This is much different then the huge real estate portals that are created to get a Realtor businness through featuring dozen of homes and many different agents and their phone numbers. Our website is our cyber office that sole purpose is to get your home sold and to make that transaction as easy as possible by making parts of the transaction online and available 24-7. 

Through our website we can keep you up to date on the status of your listing day by day, help you find out information on the local area, like events, businesses, entertainment, and schools, and tell you how to get there when you figure out what you want to do. We can help you plan your move, and help you find the things youll need when you get there. Because our website is such a vast resource of local knowledge we have many repeat visitors and great rankings in the search engines.





Many relocation buyers are directed to me because I am 1 of 12 in all Jacksonville Certified Relocation Professionals (CRP). This means that corporation who need their employees relocated immediately often contact me to help their clients find a home immediately! This provides a steady stream of well qualified buyers who need to buy now. In addition, through my membership in the Number1Expert referral network which is made up of top selling agents across the nation that sell over 50 homes per year or over 8 million in sales volume I receive referrals of buyers that are moving to FL. Because the top agents sell such an incredible amount of volume the referrals we receive are great referrals, and already sold on the way we do business.




When someone shows your property you are always curious what they thought. Should we change something in my home? Was the price right? My Client Care Manager utilizes a specially design 12 point feedback system that delivers feedback to you in an organized format with charts and graphs to help pin point what buyers think about your home and if any changes are needed.  No longer will you be left wondering what buyers thought of your home.  And more importantly we will have detailed information to act on to get your home position correctly for the real estate market.

My Group


Many agents are loners, they try to do it all themselves from showing property to meeting appraisers to putting up signs to going to inspections to going to closings and on and on. Based upon my division of labor, our team will perform over 400 tasks to be sure that your home sells for top dollar and most importantly goes to closing. We run my business like a business therefore like at your employment we dont do everything. We are specialized like you. Every business needs more than one person to do all the tasks especially like real estate where there are over 50 people involved in every transaction. We employee our Client Care Managers to help me take your calls and answer your concerns and questions. They also are behind the scenes following my guidance and direction. Now you can call in and they are here to answer the phones and answer your questions and handle your concerns. Better to get a live person than voice mail and no call back! Furthermore, since they are their to handle the details of the listing, marketing, and closing it give my team of realtors time to give personal attention to all the buyer leads that call in.


Buyer Instant Notification System


Buyers are enrolled in our Buyer Instant Notification program which is a unique system that is free to all homebuyers. Any of these buyers may be a buyer for your home. We mail all of the properties that fit the buyers needs as they enter the market place regardless of the listing company. All of our property brochures are mailed out with the program to remind our buyers what we have available. They may be a potential buyer for your home. Ask other agents how many buyers they are currently working with and contact every week. We think you will see what you will be missing out if you dont have Phyllis Frankel Realty Group, Inc. marketing your property.



Your home sells faster due to one of our key weapons called telemarketing. Phyllis Frankel Realty Group, Inc. is one of the few teams in FL that offers this service. Your home will be marketed proactively not just passively. Phyllis Frankel Realty Group, Inc.s telemarketing department actively prospects for buyer.


The Bottom Line


Phyllis Frankel Realty Group, Inc.s marketing system out-sells the average agent. Pick up the phone and call 904-273-0125 or 1-800-999-0245 and put Phyllis Frankel Realty Group, Inc.s unique marketing system to work for you.

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