Don't Believe Everything You Have Been Told About Selling Your Home in Northeast Florida


Here a short list of myths and other falsehoods that we have heard spoken in the Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra Beach and St. Augustine Real Estate Market. 

#1 You can get the same results from a Discount Broker

discount real estate broker
We spend thousand each month on advertising our homes.  We do professional photography, videos, brochures, TV Ads, direct mail, newsletters, website marketing, color printing, signs, provide a full service staff and buyer agents and more.  But that is only in advertising and marketing. We offer the expert knowledge you need to sell your home quicker and more money. Starting with staging your home, creating advertising and marketing using phrases and techniques proven to sell your home, expertly negotiating your offer to your advantage and then watching over every step to make sure you get to closing. We know we couldn't give the same quality service and results if we were to charge the same as a discount broker.


Consider this:

  • Can the Discount Broker afford do everything a Full Service Broker can do?
  • Does the Discount Broker maintain the same quality advertising as the Full Service Broker?
  • Does the Discount Broker have Buyer Agents, Closing Manager, Marketing Manager and other staff to give you the service you need?
  • Has the Discount Broker's company been in business long?  We have seen many a real estate company come and go.
  • Can the Discount Broker afford to give you the extra attention you may need?
  • Who has more of a reason to sell your home and earn a commission ... the Discount Broker or the Full Service Broker with the complete and expensive marketing campaign?

Bottom Line:  The commission is paid at closing.  It doesn't matter if you get free real estate service if it doesn't sell your home.  Give us a call so that you can compare all the options available to you.

#2 Phyllis and Carey Frankel are too busy to sell my Northeast Florida home or condo.

too busy to work real estate
It's true that Phyllis and Carey are busy each and everyday selling real estate.  Being so successful selling homes for so many years in Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra Beach and St. Augustine; they have been able to develop quite a following of referrals from happy past clients.  The level of business was so great in 1996 that they started their own real estate company, the Phyllis Frankel Realty Group.  This enabled them to bring in other realtors and a full service staff to maintain the superior level of service and be able to help even more Northeast Florida families move to their new home.


Just like the best restaurants are busy during dinner and the top notch accountants have clients waiting in the wings for them, the Phyllis Frankel Realty Group has a good deal of homes to sell.  But with our growing staff to handle the details, it has enable each and every Realtor in our company to focus on the one thing that is most important to you ... to get your home sold.  Our goal is to create another happy customer that will refer us to their friends and family.  Please give us a call so that we can show you how we can help you.


#3 Go with the Realtor who give you the Highest Price.  They must be the Best.

dont go with the highest price
A Realtor can quote you any price.  But you want to make sure you get a professional comparative market analysis that uses the best and most recent comparable homes to give you a true picture of what is for sale and what is selling in today's market. Choose the realtor based on their experience, marketing plan and history of success.  Then you can work out a price that both you and your realtor can agree will get your home sold. And just a word to the wise ... pricing the home to sell actually nets you more (click image below)...


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