The Advantages and Disadvantages of Owning A Condo In St. Johns County

Posted by Carey Frankel on Tuesday, July 29th, 2008 at 1:48pm.

the_advantages_and_disadvantages_of_owning_a_condo_in_st._johns_county_617A single family home is not for every home buyer. If you are in the market to buy St. Johns County property, you may already know that you have other choices. There are town homes, villas, and even condominiums. There are advantages and disadvantages to every type of property when it comes to ownership, but a condo is a unique type of property which should be considered carefully before you decide to purchase one.

Advantages To Owning A Condo

There are several clear advantages to owning a condo in St. Johns County, or any other place for that matter. Especially as you consider the purchase of St. Johns County property, owning a condo is quite an affordable option in many communities as the housing market continues to thrive in this area.

When you want to live downtown near all of the entertainment and nightlife, it is typically easier to find a condo for sale than a single family home due to land ownership issues. Additionally, owing a condo means less maintenance for the home owner. All exterior maintenance on the buildings and common areas are the responsibility of the community’s condo association. Safety is also a great advantage, as condo owners on average are much less often the victim of a break-in or home invasion. Having so many neighbors within such a close range offers a type of security not offered by a single family home.

Disadvantages To Owning A Condo

There are also a few disadvantages to owning a condo which you should consider before signing on the dotted line. When you purchase a condo, you do not own any portion of the land it sits on. If outdoor spaces are important to you, such as a backyard, you will not have an easy time finding a condo with this feature. Also, being a part of a condo association, despite the low maintenance, can sometimes be a hassle. You may not agree with every decision they make and therefore find yourself in a bind. Being in such close proximity to your neighbors can also pose a problem for some condo owners, especially if you clash and do not get along.

When buying a condo in St. Johns County, it is important to consider all of these issues and talk with your realtor to learn of the many options which are available.

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