Selling Your Ponte Vedra Beach or Nocatee Home Can Be a Trick or a Treat

Posted by Carey Frankel on Monday, October 10th, 2016 at 8:49pm.

Selling Your Ponte Vedra Beach or Nocatee Home Can Be a Trick or a Treat

Selling your Ponte Vedra Beach or Nocatee home this fall can be a very rewarding experience or a learning experience. In order to avoid the latter you should follow these tips so your home selling experience is a treat and not a trick.

Tips to making your home sell quicker and for more money!

#1 - Stage Your Home

Home buyers want light & bright floor plans that are without clutter.

Lights - The good news is that you already have lights. You just need to make sure all your light bulbs are functioning and that you have the brightest light bulbs safely allowed.

Clutter - Your buyer is going to be comparing your homes that are staged. But you don't need to hire a stager. Just go through each room and take out your extra decor that makes the room small or busy.

Here is room by room advice:

Entry - This is easy. Clean up. Get your shoes, umbrellas and everything else you throw down there out of the room.

Bookshelves - Parse it down. Make it look neat. Your bookshelves when selling your home are not for storing books & stuff. It is now for artfully displaying the books and art pieces.

Kitchen - Everything off! Everything off the counter. Everything off the refrigerator. Does more need to be said?

Bedrooms - This is your "bedroom" and the focus should be on the bed. That means everything else off the floor and the bed nicely made.

Bathrooms - After the Kitchen, the bathroom is the next focus. So clear up the clutter in the bathroom. Only thing on the counter should be some hand soap and towels. Want to be fancy? Then add some flowers.

#2 - Offer An Incentive

Everybody loves to get a deal. If you find yourself with slow traffic or high competition then you may want to consider offering an incentive to the buyer. Top incentives were Home Warranty and Closing Cost Assistance.

Now to keep from being Tricked when selling this Halloween season follow these tips:

Mistake #1 Over Pricing Your Home

Halloween is suppose to be scary but over pricing your home can scare away your buyers. This means you will wait longer to sell and may eventually sell at a lower price.

Pricing your home is dependent on the comparable homes used and value adjustments made for the differences, current market conditions suck as trends in the market and current inventory supply and showing condition of your home.

What is the importance of pricing it right? Well in 2015 70 of homes sold in the first week!

Mistake #2 Thinking others will love your pet

As the commercial goes, you may be "nose blind". You must totally deodorize your home. This may mean new carpet, new paint or candles and plug ins.

Statistics are that 35% of households do not have pets according to the Humane Society. So don't offend these 35% by having a smelly home.

Mistake #3 Not working with pre-qualified buyers.

If you are working with a Realtor then you shouldn't have this problem. If not make sure the buyers who come see your home provide you with a pre-qualification letter.


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