5 Things You Should Know About Ponte Vedra Beach Real Estate

Posted by Carey Frankel on Wednesday, November 15th, 2017 at 8:52pm.

5 Things About Ponte Vedra Beach Real Estate

Looking to relocate? Want to live the Florida Beach life? We've got you covered. Here are 5 things you should know about Ponte Vedra Beach real estate.

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If you are ready to live the Florida lifestyle, we've got good news for you.

Ponte Vedra Beach real estate is currently booming. There's never been a better time to relocate and start living the life of your dreams! From beaches to golfing and safe, vibrant communities...there's a lot to love about Ponte Vedra Beach.

Wondering what you should know before moving? Just need to be reminded why it's such a great time to relocate to this Floridian paradise? We've got you covered.

Read on to know five important things about Ponte Vedra Beach real estate.

1. Ponte Vedra Beach Real Estate Is on the Rise

Making sure to do your proper research so that you make the right investments is an important step in buying a new home. Luckily, if you want to move to Ponte Vedra Beach, real estate is on the rise and it's a great time to make your move.

Great Location

Ponte Vedra Beach is one of the most desirable communities in the north Florida region. Located within the award-winning St. Johns County School district, Ponte Vedra Beach real estate is also sought after for its beachside location and refined lifestyle.

Located just a short drive east -- toward the coast -- from Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra Beach attracts residents from all over the world. The area is well known for its beautiful beaches, mild weather, and high standard of living.

Easy Access to Other Hotspots

Ponte Vedra Beach is very well connected. It has the Jacksonville International Airport nearby, plus it's just a short drive north into coastal Georgia and other southern states.

To the south, there are even more beaches down the coastline. St. Augustine and Amelia Island are also very popular with locals and tourists alike. Plus, the world-class attractions of Orlando are just a few hours away. All of Florida is easily accessible from Ponte Vedra Beach.

Ponte Vedra Beach real estate will always be desirable for its gorgeous scenery, ideal location, and laid-back lifestyle. The upscale yet relaxed vibe of the area is another reason that so many people have chosen to call it home.

2. Natural Beauty Is a Major Perk

There are some incredible perks to living in Ponte Vedra Beach. Of course, the beach is at the top of that list!

The Beach and Other Ways to Get Outdoors

The natural beauty of the area is a major reason that people choose to live in Ponte Vedra Beach. Calming blue ocean waves, lush tropical greenery, year-round sun... Are you in paradise yet?

Though the beach is a beautiful natural attraction, there is even more to love about Ponte Vedra Beach. Bike and hiking trails abound, and there are many opportunities to get outside and get active.

Even going for a simple walk feels refreshing and inspiring when the natural beauty around you is so abundant.

Fabulous Weather Year-Round

Used to a harsh winter with month after month of cabin fever? That will be a thing of the past once you move to Florida. The average high is 80F, while the average low is just 64F.

With beautiful warm weather all year long -- even during the brief, mild winter -- you can enjoy the outdoors as often as you like. No matter what season it is, you'll be able to enjoy the rich natural splendor that surrounds you in Ponte Vedra Beach.

3. Ponte Vedra Beach Is a Golfing Capital

Before you make your move, you should know a few basic facts about the area. One is that Ponte Vedra Beach is a major golfing capital of Florida.

When looking at Ponte Vedra Beach real estate, decide how important golfing is to you. You will find many real estate options that tie into golf somehow.

Are you an avid, everyday player? Then looking for a home on a golf course or in a golfing subdivision may be the best move for you.

Do you only play occasionally, maybe just on weekends? You'll want to make sure there's a fitting golf club nearby that you can access easily.

In Ponte Vedra Beach, it's not hard to find real estate that keeps golf at the center. The sport is very popular in the area as a leisure activity.

4. Gated Communities Are A Popular Choice

Because of the many people wanting to reside in Ponte Vedra Beach -- and because golfing is such a major attraction -- there are many gated communities in the area.

Gated communities are popular for their privacy and, usually, wide range of attractive amenities. They often offer walking trails, a pool or clubhouse, a golf course, and sometimes even a gym or fitness center.

In addition, these gated communities are typically well maintained and landscaped with beautiful trees and grass. They offer a built-in community and an extra layer of security that the typical homeowner does not have.

It would be hard to talk Ponte Vedra Beach real estate without talking gated communities! Rest assured, though: In the area, there are gated communities with homes for sale at a wide range of price points.

Of course, there are also high-rise condos and luxury homes available. These are often located along the water. Still, inland gated communities with golf courses are a very popular option for those looking to relocate to the area.

5. It's Like Living on Vacation

Living in Ponte Vedra Beach is a lot like vacation. You have the sun, sea, and laid-back lifestyle, plus there's plenty to do. Between the natural beauty, golfing, regional attractions, and the premier shopping and dining, you'll never grow bored of Ponte Vedra Beach.

In Ponte Vedra Beach, it's normal to spend every weekend dining out, playing golf, walking the beach, and having happy hour at sunset. Why not live every day like you're on cloud nine?

In fact, many people flock to the area year after year for their vacation! Ponte Vedra Beach is not just for residents -- it's also popular among vacationers and tourists. There are also many seasonal residents who reside in Ponte Vedra Beach only part-time, usually during the winter.

Wrapping It Up

Ponte Vedra Beach Homes For Sale

About Ponte Vedra Beach Homes For Sale

Ponte Vedra Beach is one of the most sought out communities in the Jacksonville metro area. You are in easy commuting distance to downtown Jacksonville & the airport. Yet you are also in the award winning St. Johns County School district & at the beach! Known for it's manicured subdivision, golf courses and many palm trees up and down A1A. It's a picturesque setting that you won't want to leave. Contact your Ponte Vedra Beach Realtor today to look at our many homes and condos available for sale.

Ponte Vedra Beach Real Estate Statistics

  • Total Listings: 204
  • Average Price: $1,601,713
  • Highest Price: $10,989,000
  • Lowest Price: $269,500

The water's warm and the living is easy, which makes the area very attractive to people all over the world, even if they just visit for a short time.

This is an important factor to consider when looking at Ponte Vedra Beach real estate -- you may encounter seasonal rentals and vacation homes alongside your search.

Still have questions about making the move? Contact us today or check out our relocation guide for help making your move to northeast Florida. Ponte Vedra Beach is breezily waiting for you.

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